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The following albums were most recently added to this site.
Galavant: The Complete Collection
The Muppet Christmas Carol
The Lion King: Selections from the Original Cast Recording
Absolute Disney Volume 3
Absolute Disney Volume 2
Toy Story: The Musical: Special Media Sampler
Limbo Rock!
For Your Consideration: Moana: Best Original Song "How Far I'll Go"
For Your Consideration: Frozen: Best Original Song "Let It Go" / Best Original Score
For Your Consideration: Monsters University: Best Original Score
Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary Music Collection "Happiness" 12-CD Box Set
Alice in Wonderland / Bambi
It's a Small World 50th Anniversary
Navidad en las Américas
Zenon Z3
Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Target Exclusive)
Coco: FYC: Best Original Song: Remember Me
My Friend Duffy
Pearl Harbor: There You'll Be (Duplicate)
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